Holiday Sale 2020

We build confidence.

Welcome to the 2020 Annual Holiday Sale!

The 2020 Annual Holiday Sale is the best time of the year to save on new gear, lessons, gifts, and more for your martial artist or parkour student!  We have discounts on everything from brand new 6-Month Welcome Programs to new uniforms, to at home training aids, and accessories for your student. 

You will find several categories of items listed below.  

  • At-Home Practice
  • Accessories
  • Apparel and Uniforms
  • Weapons and Sparring
  • Tuition and Events

Note: Due to the nature of our point of sale system, we are unable to create a single checkout for all the above categories.  Each category has its own checkout and payment process.  

Below each of the images of the items for sale, you will find a blue link that will take you to the purchases page for each of the sale categories.  Where there are items that will require extra set up and customization we will be in communication with you regarding the purchase you have made.  

Questions or Issues? 

Best way to get in touch with us during the sale is to send us a text message at 3207619008 or via email at  We will be getting a lot of questions about the sale so this is the best way to get in touch with us during the event. 

Do you want to view the entire set of Holiday Sale items in one document.  Click here to download the 2020 Holiday Sale Fliers PDF document from Microsoft OneDrive. 

At Home Practice

There are many ways to help your student practice at home! We have targets, shields, focus mitts, heavy bags, rebreakable boards, wood boards, and parkour obstacles. Plus, every purchase here comes with some special bonuses! Check out the page for details!

For the purchase page for the At Home Practice Items, please use the following link:

At Home Practice Purchase Page


Do you want to get a belt or band display for your student? Maybe new parkour shoes, mat socks, or shin guards? We also have gear bags for weapons storage.

For the purchase page for the Accessories Items, please use the following link:

Accessories Purchase Page

Apparel and Uniforms

Do you need a new uniform for your student because they have outgrown theirs or maybe you want one of our new tshirts? We have brand new design that is sure to be a big hit!

For the purchase page for the Apparel and Uniform items page, please use the following link:

Apparel and Uniform Purchase Page

Weapons and Sparring

Is your student in our Leadership program and doing sparring but they do not have their own gear yet? They will need their own gear starting in January so why not buy now and save money. We also have individual weapons as well as complete package of all weapons needed for training to black belt.

For the purchase page for the Sparring and Weapons items page, please use the following link:

Sparring and Weapons Purchase Page

Tuition and Events

Do you want to save on your students annual tuition? Are you getting close to the end of your program and want to save on the next one? This is your chance to save HUNDREDS on tuition for all of our programs; martial arts, parkour, and Empower Boxing. You can also save on birthday parties.

For the purchase page for the Special Events and Tuition page, please use the following link:

Special Events and Tuition Purchases Page