We build confidence.

Martial Arts and Parkour

Alexandria Martial Arts

The Alexandria Lakes Area’s ONLY martial arts school with Live Interactive Online Classes!

We may not be able to train on the mat but we can train in your living room!

This program is a white to black belt level and beyond martial arts program that is designed to challenge you to become the best version of you.  Students will begin the program learning basic Taekwondo skills and drills with traditional material for belt advancement.

As a school, we not only want to teach students about the wide variety of martial arts training that exists in the world today but also give them the skills they may need to keep themselves safe for any number of attacks and threats.  We know that we will not be able to keep everyone safe but we want to give you a confident base set of skills you can use to stop most threats.

Youth Martial Arts

These programs are for the school-age martial artist who is 4 to 17 years old.  This program is not about punching and kicking, it is about building leaders and developing rock-solid mental toughness to survive in today’s strange world.  The world will not be the same after COVID-19.  As Darren Hardy said recently, there will be a pre-COVID-19 and a post-COVID-19 world and do you want to be part of the post-COVID-19 world that is ready to take it by storm?  Are your kids ready to take the world by storm with leadership skills, determination, and the ability to not let difficult things get in the way of success?

We are.

Level 1

Our Level 1 Program for students of at the rank of Beginner through Yellow belt will give students a firm foundation of Taekwondo skills to build upon.  Students will learn basic Taekwondo kicks, one-step defenses, and beginner-level Taekwondo patterns.

Each month during the fourth week of the month, students participate in Stripe Testing.  This is where students are evaluated on the material they have been learning that month.

Are students guaranteed to earn their stripes each month?  No, they must demonstrate they can perform their techniques to a level of proficiency adequate for their current level.  The fourth week of the month is Stripe Testing week and all students are evaluated on their material for the month.  White belts have a lower proficiency requirement than yellow belts.

Each student will earn the necessary stripes for their rank advancement.  Once they have earned the stripes necessary for advancement.  They graduate to the next level.  Rank Graduations are included in the monthly tuition cost as well as all stripe evaluations.

Level 1 includes the following ranks and stripes to achieve the next rank:

  1. White – 3 stripes
  2. Orange – 3 stripes
  3. Orange Trim – 3 stripes
  4. Yellow – 3 stripes

Are you ready to enroll your student in our Level 1 program?

Homeschool Martial Arts

Are you homeschooling your kids Fall?  

Do you want to give them the best education you possibly can and keep them fit and focused? 

Our program is one of the longest running and most successful homeschool-specific program in Minnesota!  

We step beside your family values, your desires for you kids, and walk with you as you educate and nurture your kids in your home.  Our program includes a life skills component in every class that emphasizes perseverance, determination, focus, respect, leadership, and the value of all people. 

Our homeschool program starting in September will have an in-person program as well as a live interactive video program for students who are not able to come in person due to illness or distance. 

Live Interactive Video Class will take place on Monday afternoons at 2:00 pm Central Time. 

In-Person Class sessions will be Wednesday afternoons starting at Noon.  Each of our in person classes are limited to 12 students at a time.  As we fill classes, we will open additional classes and days as the need arises.  

Our homeschool program is designed for one class per week, either interactive or in-person but not both.  

Do you want to get on the list for information about our homeschool program? 

Use the contact form below or send me an email 

Motion Parkour Alexandria

Does your child love to climb, jump, roll, and fall off everything?  

Do they spend more time on the outside of the playground equipment than inside it?

They might be a great fit for our Motion Parkour program!  We have the only parkour program between Fargo and the Twin Cities Metro area.

What makes our parkour program unique?

  1. Safe and fun training space that teaches appropriate age level skills.
  2. It is a separate, complete program – not JUST an add-on to something else.
  3. Student achieve rank from white to black in parkour.
  4. Skills are progressive and build off each other to become more complex and challenging.

Are you ready to get your child started in Alexandria’s coolest youth activity! 



Empower Boxing Alexandria

This is a boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts program unlike anything else in the area.  We teach real boxing and kickboxing skills in order to give you a fundamental set of skills to stay safe in today’s world. You are not doing cardio kickboxing or dance boxing, you are doing real boxing and kickboxing on our heavy bags with real boxing gloves.

Do you want to get more fit?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to be less stressed?

Do you want to learn to protect yourself?

For more information about Empower Boxing programs, please see our stand-alone website for this licensed program at

Adult Mastery Martial Arts – (Not Currently available)

Our adult Mastery Martial Arts program is a much more eclectic martial arts program.  Adult students are exposed to the training of weapons at the beginning of their journey and begin grappling right away.

Adult students train in elements of the following arts during their Mastery program journey:

  • Taekwondo
  • Judo
  • Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • Muay Thai
  • Boxing
  • Krav Maga

There is no limit to when you can start martial arts training.  It is acceptable at any age and ability level.


Personal Training

Kayla Flynn is a NASM certified personal trainer who specializes in helping clients achieve their goals through specialized programs using minimal equipment.  Her personal training services can help you reach your fitness and wellness goals.  Sessions are 60 minutes in length and are tailored to each clients individual needs.

Josh Waltzing is a 5th degree black belt in Taekwondo, Minnesota high school educator, Level-1 USA Taekwondo certified coach.  His martial arts training services focus on specific areas of martial arts and self-defense training.  Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes in length and have several specialized areas; Taekwondo poomsae, Taekwondo sparring, boxing and kickboxing, groundwork, and self-defense. He also teaches personal development and success to corporate clients and individuals.