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Welcome to the Page for the 2021 Conquering Fear of Violence Course

This year’s course will again be taught by Josh Waltzing and coordinated between Alexandria Martial Arts & Movement AND Someplace Safe.

As a participant you will learn about why self-defense is not as clear-cut as many claim it to be.  It is messy, complicated, and full of unexpected realities.

Learn the following…

  • Five Stages of Violent Crime by Marc MacYoung
  • Pyramid of Personal Safety by Marc MacYoung
  • What the Bad Guy always controls
  • The Three Types of Bad Guys
  • What the best self-defense weapons REALLY is…it is not what you think!
  • Reaction based self-defense techniques
  • Law-enforcement based self-defense techniques

Course will be taught at 415 Fillmore Street, Alexandria, MN 56308 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move, block, kick, and strike in.

We highly recommend that you come with a friend as there will be many partner drills involved where you may want a friend or better yet, a young woman you care about, to practice with.  It will be a great opportunity for you both to learn and work together to stay safe.

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