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This is the official page for the Alexandria Martial Arts and Movement Annual Holiday Sale!

Below you will find links for the Holiday Tables of the Holiday Sale.

Tuition and Special Events

Tuition discounts are as much as $3,000 for our Lifetime Membership!

Our New Student 6-month Welcome Martial Arts or Teen Kickboxing Membership Package is discounted at $249!!

Our Empower Boxing 6-month Welcome Membership is discounted at just over $200!

New Students

Do you know a student who has just very much wanted to be part of our Youth Martial Arts, Teen Kickboxing, or Fitness Boxing program?

This is the time to save BIG on their entry into the program!


Parent Night Out Events

12, 24, and 36 Month Tuition

Martial Arts and Teen Kickboxing

Our Tuition Sale is the ONLY time of year you will see this level of discount and it only happens for ONE DAY!

The Youth and Teen programs are fundamentally about personal development and leadership. We exist to build your student into the best leaders for their community. Each class includes Life Skill development, fitness, teamwork, and communication.

All tuition includes…

  • 2x per week classes,
  • Monthly Stripe Testing
  • Quarterly Belt Graduations
  • All Weapons needed for training for the year
  • In addition, all memberships includes these add-ons for FREE for each year of membership:
    • Birthday party for your birthday child and 15 friends,
    • 1 Parent Night Out event,
    • 1 Month of Training another member your family.
    • These add-ons are worth over $400 and are provided in addition to the discount you already receive.

Empower Boxing

Empower Boxing is a unique program to the Alexandria area! We are the only boxing school that provides you with Impact Wrap Strike Tracking software for you to measure your progress in every class. You get a member app to be able to see your progress at home and the ability to tie your workout at the school to your workout at home with Impact @ Home!

You can not only measure you physical fitness with your scale or body tracker but you can actually measure how much you are improving through our trackers. Measure your strike count, strike force, and overall Impact Score. It is progress you can measure!

Tuition and Events Table

 At-Home Practice

Do you want equipment to help your student at home with their practice?

We have multiple at home practice items available during the holiday sale!  From kick paddles and focus mitts to heavy bags and heavy bag clapper targets. We also have rebreakable boards and body shields!

At Home Practice Table

Apparel and Uniforms

Do you need a sweatshirt for these cold days?

Has your student outgrown their uniform or do you need a second uniform to help cut down on the number of washings.

Apparel and Uniform Table

Weapons and Sparring Gear

Does your student need their next weapon…which are the double nunchaku, starting in January 2022!

Have they outgrown their sparring gear?

We can help by getting them the gear they will absolutely love for use during class.

Weapons and Sparring Table

Gifts and Accessories

Belt displays, weapons bags, and key chains!  There are several cool items for this years holiday sale!

Student Accessories Table

This sale will be available on this page starting on Saturday, November 20, 2021 and will disappear forever after that day!  You do not want to miss it!