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Are you homeschooling your kids? Do you want to give them the best education you possibly can and keep them fit and focused? Our program is one of the longest running and most successful homeschool-specific program in Minnesota!

We step beside your family values, your desires for you kids, and walk with you as you educate and nurture your kids in your home. Our program includes a life skills component in every class that emphasizes perseverance, determination, focus, respect, leadership, and the value of all people.

Our homeschool program starting in September will have an in-person program as well as a live interactive video program for students who are not able to come in person due to illness or distance.

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  • Live Video Classes

    Live Interactive Zoom Class will take place on Monday afternoons at 1:00 pm Central Time.

  • In-Person Classes

    In-Person Class sessions will be Wednesday afternoons starting at 1:00 pm. We have classes for 6 - 9 year old students and 10 and Older students. 

  • Class selection

    To be respectful of students who were part of our homeschool program in the past, those families will have first priority in choosing which class works for them.

  • One class per week

    Our homeschool program is designed for one class per week, either interactive or in-person but not both.

  • 9-month program

    Our homeschool program is a 9-month program from September through May. Like all of our programs it includes everything; classes, uniform, shin guards, gloves, cinch bag, t-shirt, other gear, monthly Stripe evaluations, Quarterly belt graduations if they earn their stripes, access to our Vimeo channel for training drills and techniques. The Live Interactive program includes a kick paddle for parents to hold for student to kick and learn.

photo of white belt online class