Alexandria Strong!

As a part of the Alexandria Lakes Area, we wanted to show how much we appreciate and care about the region.  That is why our logo, our very brand isn’t about what we do but more about where we are.

We are part of the Alexandria community and all the great parts that make living here awesome!  Our logo includes “Big Ole’s” shield in the background and a silhouette of the Big Man himself in the main text. Our colors are cardinal red and black which not only make for a striking look but also are the same colors as the Alexandria Cardinals sports teams.

We live and breath Alexandria, we want to help make this community even better by using movement and martial arts to do it.

Alexandria Martial Arts logo

Voices That Cares nominee

Josh was selected as the latest "Voice That Cares"... This video taps into what makes him a good choice for the honor.

-The Voice of Alexandria