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Not Bored

Are your kids bored already?

Image of a Bored Girl
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Here we are jumping into summer yet health concerns have shut down some of our favorite summer things.  If you are a parent, some of those things include watching your child be involved in sports and camps that keep kids physically active, socially-engaged, and looking forward to their next game or practice.  Activities keep kids away from screens, maintain some kind of weekly structure, encourage them to pursue goals and overcome struggles, laugh with friends, and most importantly, activities stop kids from moping around groaning the words “I don’t have anything to do!”

This summer, unfortunately, many of those activities are cancelled.  

Anyone see the problems this is going to create?  

(Pssst — we’re parents and we have been watching it happen for a while already!)

Thankfully not all activities have been shut down, and our school offers programming that is permissible and easily managed within state guidelines.  So we can keep your kids active.  Cool, huh?  

That’s just where we start.

With martial arts or parkour, your child will learn to develop enhanced focus, precision, balance and body coordination, increased range of motion as well as strength.  That, however, is just the physical part!  As a personal development and leadership academy, she will practice respectful behavior, grow in self-discipline, persevere through challenges, learn to be a confident leader, bolster her mental toughness, and one of our favorite personal goals: develop an indomitable spirit.  

All this and more are the tasks we give ourselves to help your children gain confidence in their physical and mental health.  It is the common denominator in every class we offer. 

We don’t teach punching, kicking, vaulting, and rolling for their own sake; we use them as tools to create a student you can be proud of, a student who is a leader in her community. 

We hope that you choose us for a summer adventure for your child while he or she is waiting to get back to other sports so that he or she can stay fit, engaged, and focused in this “down time.”  

We hope they stay when you all see what we do here.

Come check us out.